Dealing With Child Molestation Charges

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Have you been accused of child molestation? Before you talk to police, call Farnsworth & Murphy LLC, at 470-601-7058 for a free consultation.

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There are few criminal charges more damaging to your reputation, or more difficult to defend, than accusations of child molestation. Now is a time when you need to hire a lawyer, even if the charges are baseless.

To protect yourself and your future, get immediate help from an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer. For a free initial consultation, call Farnsworth & Murphy LLC, in Atlanta at 470-601-7058. We serve clients throughout Georgia.

Defending Against False Accusations of Child Molestation

Defending against false accusations of child molestation or sex crime is a complex and sensitive process. When accused of child molestation or child sexual abuse, it’s crucial to immediately contact a child molestation attorney who practices such crimes.

These child molestation attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of the law and can provide guidance on potential defenses and legal strategies.

One of the primary rights an accused individual has is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This means the burden of proof lies with the prosecution.

The accused also has the right to a fair trial, to remain silent, and to confront witnesses, including the child who has allegedly been sexually abused. In child molestation or child sexual assault cases, the legal system often relies on the testimony of the child victim.

Handling child witnesses requires special care, given the sensitive nature of the allegations and the potential trauma involved. The court may employ measures to minimize stress for the child, such as using closed-circuit television or allowing a support person to be present.

Sexual abuse, sexual acts, and sexual intercourse with a minor are grave offenses, often leading to a prison sentence.

Accusations can arise from misunderstandings, manipulations, or even vendettas.

It’s essential to differentiate between consensual sexual activity and inappropriate sexual contact or sexual desires, especially in cases involving older minors. The “Romeo and Juliet defense” might be a valid defense in some jurisdictions if both parties are close in age.

Sex offender registration is a severe consequence of a conviction. Being labeled a sex offender can have lifelong implications, affecting employment, housing, and personal relationships.

Given the gravity of the charges and potential penalties, including jail time, it’s crucial to approach such allegations with the utmost seriousness.

False allegations can arise from various circumstances, and being wrongly accused can have devastating effects. Thus, having a dedicated child molestation lawyer to navigate the intricacies of sexual crimes is paramount.

Legal Penalties and Consequences of Child Molestation Charges


Child molestation charges carry significant legal consequences, which vary widely depending on whether the offense is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony.

Misdemeanor charges typically result from less severe offenses and can result in penalties including up to one year in jail, mandatory counseling, and possible fines. In contrast, felony charges are levied for more egregious violations and can lead to several years in state prison, heavy fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

The long-term impacts of a felony conviction are profound, affecting employment opportunities, housing, and social relationships. Moreover, individuals convicted of such crimes face societal stigmatization and possible permanent damage to their personal and professional lives. Each case’s context and the severity of the act play crucial roles in determining the exact penalties.

Why You Need A Strong Defense

Child molestation charges often involve little or no physical evidence. Police may have no evidence that a crime even existed other than the word of another person. Unfortunately, people have served lengthy prison sentences based on nothing more than a child’s testimony. That testimony may be influenced by an ex-spouse, a neighbor, or someone else.

Attempting to explain the circumstances of the alleged crime can backfire, as anything you say can be twisted around to mean something you never intended. For example, simply admitting that you were alone with a child can give police evidence of opportunity. For this reason, it is essential that you say nothing at all to investigators and put your case in the hands of an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

An investigation of child molestation charges often uncovers a person who has a motive for accusing you of a crime. Child molestation charges frequently occur in the context of a divorce or child custody dispute.

If you have been contacted by law enforcement regarding a potential accusation of child molestation or similar charges, it is very important to speak to an attorney immediately.

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