Slip-And-Fall Injuries

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After a serious fall on a slippery floor in Atlanta, contact us. Farnsworth & Murphy LLC is a personal injury law firm with decades of experience.

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Nobody expects to suffer a serious fall while out in public or in a place of business. But slip-and-fall accidents happen in Atlanta, Georgia, often because property owners fail to keep the premises safe. Neglect can lead to slippery floors, loose handrails and other hazards. You might not know what you are walking into until it is too late.

Our attorneys at Farnsworth & Murphy LLC have lengthy experience with premises liability, having practiced personal injury law for more than 40 years collectively. If you have been seriously injured because of poor upkeep on another party’s property, we will help you secure compensation for your medical bills and lost wages, as well as your pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and reduced quality of life.

Contact us for a free initial consultation with a lawyer about your rights under Georgia premises liability law.

The Duty To Keep You Safe When You Visit

All individuals and businesses that own real estate in Georgia to which the public is invited to enter have the legal duty to keep the premises reasonably safe. This includes shopping malls, big-box stores, restaurants and movie theatres. Property owners must do one of two things about potential hazards:

  1. Repair the hazard (e.g., mop up a spill or fix a broken escalator); or
  2. Warn visitors of the hazard (e.g., put up a warning sign)

It is reasonable for you to expect to be safe when you are invited to enter private property. Falling because of a hazard the property owner has ignored can cause serious injury. Perhaps you suffered a brain, neck or back injury in your fall. If so, you could be entitled to substantial financial compensation. As your attorneys, we will make sure the defendant’s insurance company lives up to its responsibilities.

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