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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Farnsworth & Murphy LLC, we use our decades of experience to build the strongest possible case.

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Keeping Your Record as Clean as Possible

When you are charged with a crime, your first step should be to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The sooner you do so, the sooner we can protect your interests. We handle all types of criminal charges including criminal appeals.

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t imply you are guilty. It protects you from losing the most important rights you have:

The right to obtain counsel

The right to be presumed innocent

The right to understand the nature of your charges

The right to an impartial jury

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You can trust you will receive candid answers to your questions and an explanation of options that is easy to understand. We know you have options for Georgia attorneys and we promise clients honest legal advice.


Our law firm is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent service and rapid response times. Our team is available to clients by phone, email, or in person at our local office on Powers Ferry Road.


Our law office delivers effective solutions to you and your family. We encourage you to take a look at our client reviews where you’ll see consistently high ratings for defense representation.

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Georgia Criminal Defense Attorneys

Regardless of whether you are guilty of a crime you are charged with, you have certain rights during the criminal procedure. The best way to protect these rights, obtain a penalty reduction, plea bargain, or even acquittal of all charges is by hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Our lawyers have decades of combined experience and have handled many criminal defense cases. When we take on your criminal case, we will fight hard on your behalf and be an aggressive advocate for your freedom.

Lawyers for Criminal Cases

Our criminal defense lawyers are on your side from day one. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding:


Drug Possession

Drug Distribution

Sexual Assault

Domestic Assault






Criminal Appeals

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Michael Murphy isn’t just a lawyer, he’s a decent man. I hired him to represent me a few months back and he immediately treated me as if I was family in an unconditional way. He went above and beyond for me as his client by not only informing me of all the details in my case in a language I could understand, but also established our relationship in a personable manner only view lawyers can possess. Simply put, I wouldn’t recommend another lawyer in the metro Atlanta area other than Michael Murphy.

– Luke H.

Daniel Farnsworth and Michael Murphy are two top notch attorneys! I do private investigations for many law firms everyday and can honestly say that these two are highly ethical and DILIGENT. What you’ll get from them is not only superb legal representation but also high accessibility. They’re the type that discuss your case back and forth all day in the office and then stay awake nights thinking about it.

– JT S.

I am very pleased with Farnsworth Law firm and legal counsel. It was important for me to find legal guidance in a criminal case where the punishment was severe for both my career and family. Daniel Farnsworth went over and beyond his duties! His timely manner goes as far as writing a letter to my employer ensuring that he is prepared to seek justice for me and I was actually able to continue my employment while the Farnsworth law firm gathered information for my case. He’s not a lawyer just looking for your money but actually cares for his clients well being which is important in legal counsel.

– Justin H.

Farnsworth & Murphy LLC

Our dedicated, proactive, and compassionate criminal law attorneys can represent you throughout your trial and work diligently to improve your chances of success and freedom from the criminal justice system.