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What Is a Cobb County Superior Court?

The Cobb County Superior Court is a court of general jurisdiction, which means it handles both criminal law and civil cases. It is located at 70 Haynes Street, Marietta, GA 30090, and hears cases from across the county.

If you have a case before the Superior Court of Cobb County, consider having a legal expert on your side. Court processes are often stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are at risk of going to jail, paying fines, or losing a civil case.

The court clerk and staff can help you find information about a particular case, but they are not allowed by law to provide legal advice or recommend the best course of action in your case. 

Award-winning attorneys at Farnsworth & Murphy, LLC, handle different criminal and personal injury actions in Cobb County and are readily available to help you.

What Cases Go to Georgia Cobb County Superior Court?

The people of Cobb County are served by a State Court, a Juvenile, a Probate, a Magistrate, a Superior Court, and six Municipal Courts.

Georgia courts have authority over specific types of cases. Municipal, Magistrate, Juvenile Court, Probate, and State Courts are courts of limited jurisdiction. For example, the Probate Court handles weapons licenses, marriage licenses, probate of wills, and sale and disposition of estate property. Magistrate Court of Cobb County handles money claims under $15,000 and issues arrest warrants after probable cause in criminal cases has been determined. 

In some cases, two courts may have concurrent jurisdiction. The Superior Court has concurrent jurisdiction with the Magistrate Court over civil cases where the claim is less than $2,500. It also has concurrent jurisdiction with all lower courts in misdemeanor cases.

However, the Superior Court has broad civil and criminal jurisdiction. The Cobb County Superior Court has exclusive jurisdiction over title to land, all divorce cases, and felonies involving jury trials, including death penalty cases. Moreover, all felony cases in Cobb County are tried in the Superior Court, including death penalty cases. 

The Cobb County Superior Court also hears appeals from the Magistrate and Probate courts. Therefore, if you receive an unfavorable decision from these courts, you can file an appeal with the Superior Court.

How Does the Superior Court of Cobb County Court Work?

Because the Superior Court of Cobb County has jurisdiction over several types of cases, the court process will depend on the case’s nature and details. A criminal case follows a different process than a personal injury or probate case.

With that in mind, here’s what you should know about how the Superior Court works:

1. Case Filings: Cases can be initiated in the Cobb County Superior Court through the filing of legal documents, such as complaints, petitions, or indictments, depending on the type of case with the court clerk. These documents outline the nature of the case and the relief being sought.

2. Case Assignment: Once a case is filed, it is assigned to a specific judge or division within the Cobb County Superior Court. The judge presiding over the case depends on the type of case and the court’s caseload.

3. Legal Proceedings: Legal proceedings in the Superior Court of Cobb County include pre-trial motions, hearings, trials, and other court-related activities. The specific proceedings vary depending on the type of case. For instance:

  • In criminal cases, the court handles arraignments, plea negotiations, trial proceedings, and sentencing.

  • In civil cases, there may be motions, discovery, settlement negotiations, and trial proceedings.

  • Family cases may involve divorce, child custody, and support hearings.

  • Probate cases may involve estate probate, guardianship, involuntary hospitalizations, and related hearings and court processes.

Basic Information About Cobb County Superior Court

Cobb County Superior Court is located in the new Cobb County Justice Center at 70 Haynes Street, Marietta, GA, 30090. Superior Court Administration’s contact number is 770-528-1800.

The Cobb County Superior Court clerk may be able to help with different legal issues pertaining to Superior Court cases. The clerk can be contacted via phone at 770-528-1300. Their offices are on the ground level of the Cobb County Justice Center.

Cobb County Superior Court Records

The clerk of Superior Court is responsible for filing and maintaining land and property records, as well as civil and criminal files for all of Cobb County. They are the official record keeper. They can prepare and send the summons, as well as let individuals know when to appear in court.

If you want to search Superior Court records, there are several ways to do that. You can visit the court’s record search page. Records can be searched by attorneys involved, case number, the type of the case, pleading type, notary, or name. Real estate property records can be found in the Deeds Records Search database.

You can also reach out to the clerk’s office and request copies of records. Records can be requested in person or via mail. Before obtaining the requested records, you will have to pay the appropriate fee.

Written requests for copies of the court records can be sent to the following address:

Clerk of Superior Court, Court Division, P.O. Box 3370, Marietta, GA 30061

Farnsworth & Murphy LLC Can Help

It’s understandable to be confused and scared when you have a court case. You may be facing serious drug charges or trying to file an appeal an adverse judgment. Whatever the case is, having a legal expert by your side can make things easier. 

The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner you can have your interests protected. A seasoned criminal defense attorney can tell you the potential outcomes of your case and what to expect. Hiring a lawyer doesn’t mean you are guilty or have something to hide. It means you are aware that if anything goes wrong, you have someone who can fight to protect your rights. 

Farnsworth & Murphy, LLC, is here to provide you with the expert legal guidance and representation you need. Our experienced attorneys have a deep understanding of the court’s procedures and local rules. We’re committed to advocating for your rights and achieving the best possible outcome. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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