Ways you can violate a restraining order in Georgia

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Violent Crimes

If you have recently been accused of domestic violence in Georgia, you may be subject to a restraining order. A restraining order potentially makes it possible for you to continue living your life relatively normally and to avoid jail time. However, it also means that you will need to stay a certain distance away from the person requesting the order for a certain amount of time.

Many people find it difficult to do this because of the emotional feelings they have for that person. However, there is no excuse for not abiding by the terms of the restraining order. The restraining order was likely requested because the person in question felt afraid for their safety and the safety of their loved ones, and you should acknowledge this. Additionally, it is in your own interests to observe the terms of the restraining order. If you do not, you will likely face prison time.

It is important that you carefully follow the terms that apply to your specific restraining order. The following are some ways that you can break the terms of your restraining order that you should be aware of.

Failure to return property

If you have been accused of depriving the protected person of any of their property, you will likely be ordered to return this property as part of the restraining order. Therefore, even if you obey all other terms of the restraining order, you may violate it by failing to do this.

Being in the possession of a gun

Many restraining orders demand that you are not in the possession of a gun. Therefore, if you already own a gun, you must surrender it to avoid violating the order.

Making contact in any way

Even the most civil communication can be enough to violate a restraining order. If you are ordered to not make contact, sending a letter in the mail, a text message or even communication through social media can constitute a violation of the order.

If you are worried about accidentally violating a restraining order, you must pay close attention to the demands made in your restraining order. If you have been accused of a violation, take action to defend yourself.