Know what to do if you’re accused of domestic violence

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Violent Crimes

If someone fears for their life or the lives of those around them due to abuse or threats of abuse from a partner or spouse, then they can seek out a domestic violence restraining order. A domestic violence restraining order, also known as a protective order, is a legal order that tells a person what they can or cannot do.

For example, the order may state that your spouse needs to stay 500 feet away from you at all times or that you must stay away from your partner (if you are the defendant). If you are ordered to stay away from an alleged victim, it’s essential that you do so, even if you believe there is a misunderstanding.

Help! I’ve been accused of domestic violence. What can I do?

If you are accused of domestic violence or are served a restraining order that tells you to stay away from a spouse or partner, it’s best to follow the rules and stay out of contact with them. If you violate a protective order, you could be held in contempt and face serious penalties, even if you never did anything wrong to result in a protective order to begin with.

Remember, it’s easy for people to seek out protective orders. All they have to do is to claim that you threatened them or wanted to hurt them. Victims or possible victims have to apply for a restraining order in front of a judge if they want it to be permanent, but it’s possible to get a temporary order with little evidence.

If you violate a temporary or permanent restraining order, then the Georgia police can arrest you. It is a crime to violate a restraining order, which will not help your case.

What should you do after being accused of domestic violence?

Your job is going to be to try to do as the court order states and to make sure you stay out of trouble. Your attorney will focus on showing that you did not harm the alleged victim or that there is evidence that no abuse ever took place. Your attorney will also work to defend you to minimize the impact of domestic violence charges if they’re pressed.

Your goal, after any accusation, should be to protect your interests and to appear as responsible and respectable as possible. Doing this will help your case in court and minimize the damage to your reputation.