Defending yourself against an assault charge

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Violent Crimes

If you have been accused of assaulting a person in the state of Georgia, you may face time in jail and you will need to defend yourself. Everyone has the right to defend themselves, and this provides a great opportunity for people to tell their side of the story and explain why the charges made against them are wrong or misconstrued.

It is important that you take your time to establish a strong defense in order to minimize your charges or have them dismissed completely. There are many different ways to defend yourself from a crime. In many cases, you may want to make the claim that you did not commit the act and provide evidence to support this. Alternatively, you might want to give legitimate reasons for why you acted as you did.

Denying the accusation completely

When you want to plead innocent and deny all accusations made against you, it is important that you provide a convincing argument if you wish to make a strong case. You have the right to remain silent. In this way, you will not give any evidence away, but the prosecutor will then be able to show his or her side of the story.

An alibi is a great way to prove innocence beyond reasonable doubt. If you can prove that you were in a different place at the time an alleged assault took place, you will be able to show either that the assault did not take place or that it was not you who assaulted the person in question.

Defending your actions

It is also possible to admit that you committed an assault but that you did so for legitimate or excusable reasons. For example, you may have been under threat of assault yourself and acted in self defense. Alternatively, you may have other reasons for why you should not be held responsible.

If you have been accused of assault in Atlanta, Georgia, and you want to avoid harsh consequences, it is important to reflect on your situation and research how you can most effectively defend yourself from any charges you face.